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The weekend - The Wicked Wench

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September 24th, 2007

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01:03 pm - The weekend
I admire those of you that are getting out long weekend recaps. I won't. Even my fingers hurt today. And I know, without a doubt, I'd forget something or someone. Suffice to say the weekend had it high and low points. Overall it had more good than bad, so I can't complain. Let me see if I can do the top ten:

10) Walking on the boardwalk with my love. He didn't take to faire as I had hoped, but I still enjoyed being there with him and introducing him to those that have not yet had the opportunity to meet him.

9) The smile on Miss Aemelia's face when she saw her Auntie Deb.

8) Going on the slide with Princess Sarah.

7) The quiet moment on Saturday when a butterfly stopped to say good morning.

6) A moment shared with a dear friend.

5) Tim Shaw winning the Pub Sing raffle and singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider ... then Blowed and Torn.

4) The Corsairs ... I love them. I caught 6 of their 8 sets and received LOTS of hugs.

3) Jeffrey ... just as Handsome as ever.

2) Matt ... absent far too long from Revel Grove. It was so good to see Ensign Stubbs. Unfortunately the video camera ran out of juice mid-way through Blow the Man Down.

1) Damon ... the return of Louis the Moor. When he finished Sailor's Prayer the cheering was so loud I thought the roof of the White Hart might cave in.

Special thanks to Michele for use of the video camera.  I may not have gotten Pub Sing in its entirety, but I got some good stuff during the day.

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