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October 16th, 2006

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07:51 pm - Butterflies

I wasn't sure I was going to do a butterfly release in Bill's memory this year. I have not been at faire very much and some of the drama while I was there left a bad taste in my mouth, but Bill was very important to me and each release since his death has been a very special experience. After discussing it with several of Bill's friends and checking with the company I purchase from to ensure they can have them here by the weekend, I've decided to do it. I'm not going to go through the pains of trying to coordinate everyone schedules to do the release as we have in previous years. For the most part I know I'll have to deliver the precious packages and let people find their own moment to do their release. I'll let people know where and when the small group who have easily coordinated schedules will release our butterflies and anyone is free to join us to watch. Before I place the order I need to know who else is interested in purchasing one to release.The cost is approximately $14 per monarch butterfly. I have to place the order by Tuesday evening, so speak up if you'd like to participate. I have a paypal account or you can pay me at the festival this weekend.

EDIT - I'm unlocking this post because there are several people that I think would like to participate that are unable to read my locked post. Please keep one thing in mind, the release is for people that knew Bill and I would like to keep it that way. I've already declined several people that I know never attended MDRF while Bill was there. I'm sorry if that seem bitchy to anyone.

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Date:October 18th, 2006 12:17 am (UTC)
Got it. If you wish to paypal, the account is deb224 at hotmail dot com.

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