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BURN OUT - The Wicked Wench

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September 4th, 2006

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01:47 pm - BURN OUT

I was just too over it today to crawl out of bed and garb up.

I'm over the 20somethings who think they are hot shit know it alls and drop names ... PLEASE.

I'm over the women who are just "having fun" ... which is how it got the nickname the International WHORES Guild in the first place.

I'm over the drunks, and the people that feel they have permission to invade my personal space without express written permission.

I'm over being told I'm nakkid, asked if I like purple, or given a hard time because I have opted to drink water.

I'm over the "teasing" about "my wall" ... which stopped feeling like teasing.

I'm over having people that I have NEVER. SEEN. BEFORE. suddenly being my best friend.

I'm over hearing gossip about me. No, I'm not sleeping with him, or him, and especially not him.

That being said, allow me to thank some people for making most of the weekend very pleasant:

Thank you, Tammy, for helping me keep my sanity ... and for making me the lovely garb people compliment all day.
Thank you, Mark, for always looking out for me.
Thank you, Princess Sarah, for lighting up the day with your presence.
Thank you, Tim, for taking something to the next level ... and for helping out Vickie.
Thank you, Brittney, for the beer and the company.
Thank you, Cindie, for all that you do to make the weekends more comfortable for me.
Thank you, Brian, for the laughs ... not the screeching one.
Thank you, Dave, Debbie, Don, Tracy, & Debbie, for always being excited to see me at their bars ... EVEN IF I'M NOT DRINKING. The welcoming hugs (and songs from Tracy) are intoxicating.
Thank you, Pyrates Royale, for songs that I love, onstage antics that make me smile, and your friendship ... which is better than the songs and the antics.
Thank you, Regan, for being on your wall. The day is always better when your smiling face is perched there. Welcome home.
Thank you, Todd, Marcy, and Bella, for the all to brief visit.
Thank you, person that returned my cell phone, I was a little lost without it.
Thank you, to all the faces that I actually look forward to seeing each day, for making Revel Grove feel like home away from home.

And here is me thinking out loud ... this could possibly be my last "regular" season. I'm contemplating "retiring" after this season. Twenty years might be enough.

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