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MDRF Show Recommendations - The Wicked Wench

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August 25th, 2006

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08:31 pm - MDRF Show Recommendations

Thanks to a special invitation, I spent last night at MDRF viewing a the final dress rehearsals of Prospective Princess and A Midsummer Night's Dream. WOW!! I'm not going to give a lengthy review because thewhitedragon already did the shows justice with his words (http://thewhitedragon.livejournal.com/134822.html) but I will tell you that I HIGHLY recommend taking time to view both shows. Midsummer made me laugh until I cried ... and several times was unable to breath. My only suggestions are that you bring something to try and pad your bottom from the hard wood benches and that you don't try to drink anything during the show because I doubt the people in front of you want it spewed all over then when you start laughing.

And now I must dig through the faire boxes to prep for tomorrow. See you there.

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