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Tux - The Wicked Wench

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August 8th, 2006

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08:05 pm - Tux

I was going to place this behind a filter, as usual, but some of the people that are looking for it wouldn't be able to view it. I may regret this, but here is a public post.

Standard disclaimers apply: I will forget names and exclude stuff I probably should have included … please don't take offense.

I left work early on Friday to catch the train up to Newark. While I'm glad I didn't have to drive after working all day, I didn't enjoy the train ride all that much. I waited in line for a LONG time to grab some dinner and a drink. Amtrak doesn't stock very well because they were out of most things before I reached the front of the line. I settled for a cheeseburger (not on the diet) and a 1/2 bottle of white wine. I returned to my seat only to slice my finger open while trying to open the wine. At least the burger was tasty. I decided to be one of the annoying people and chatted (quietly) to several people on my cell phone to pass the time. When the wine ran out I returned to the LONG line only to discover they were now out of everything except cordials. I got some Bailey's and went back to my seat to read until we reached Newark.

I was the first one off the train and found Tammy waiting for me. We quickly located Mark and were off to the hotel. Fortunately the drive wasn't too long. We made a quick stop at a store for more adult beverages, because I wasn't tipsy enough. We arrived at the hotel room and chatted with Colleen. I finally got a hold of cin_d_md42 and decided to head up to her room for a visit. We let thatliardiego explain to Colleen the next day why Mark had to get dressed again to escort tipsy me to the other room.

After we returned to the room it was bed time.


I woke up early. Really EARLY … 5:30am. Yuck. We all showered and went through the various stages of preparing for a day at faire. It always amazes me how much longer it takes to get ready for faire then for any other event. I opted for Middle Eastern garb. We ran into a few others in the lobby grabbing breakfast before heading out.

It only took us about 20 minutes to reach site. Unfortunately there was a small ticket snafu. wench18 saved the day AND gave great hugs.

We immediately made our way to the booth to look for Lars. I was both happy and disappointed to find that he worked all night building the new pub and was asleep. As much as I wanted to see him, I knew he NEEDED the sleep.

I shadowed lady_foxchase and her adorable hubby, strolling the site that was unfamiliar to me. I kept getting shocked looks when I reminded people it was my first time there. We shopped, we saw the bears, and I drank lots of $2.50 a bottle water.

We ran into a drunk dragon and Tammy saved him from having a pewter mug planted upside his head. Since she wouldn't let me do it, he took the mug and clunked himself in the noggin. I told you he was drunk. For those of you working for the rumor mill, no, he did not say THAT and no, I do not "hate him." *sheesh* People need lives.

At lunch we paid extraordinary prices for less than average food. Can you say REC? I knew you could. The amount of cash I brought would have been enough for the entire weekend at MD, but it was hardly enough for one day at Tux. We found a shady spot and plopped ourselves down on the ground to eat. We were just about finished when two gentlemen asked us to move for a moment so that they could relocate a picnic table into the shade for us. Now that's what I call service. We ended up camping there for awhile, socializing with other MDRF invaders. Brian ended up trapping me and got retribution for some taunting. I screamed. My *friends* looked on, amused, but offered no assistance.

After lunch we did some more window shopping. Nothing jumped out at me … or at least nothing from a unique vendor. Any shop that also does MDRF is going to get my sale at MDRF. I know for sure there will be some new Sandlar's added to my collection this year. I did purchase a necklace from Leather Rose (Yes, I know they are at MD, but I needed it to go with the outfit I was currently wearing).

We caught a few shows at the freshly constructed pub before deciding to take off early because Colleen was fading in the heat.

After shower back at the hotel we joined thatliardiego and Beer_Pam (no LJ) at Tiffany's Diner. On the way to the restroom I ran into (almost literally - I slipped on some butter on the floor) priestesm & drklrdraven and took them back to our table for a few minutes. While I was trying to eat I received a call from a rather upset dragon that had just taken his first spin on the amethyst rumor roller coaster and was a little sick about it. I assured him all was fine and went back to enjoying my dinner. After all, if he had really said THAT there would be bloodshed.

We returned to the hotel and my roommates all crashed. I decided to visit cin_d_md42's room and stayed up entirely too late breaking Cindie.


I did not want to wake up. I finally crawled out of bed and managed to get myself together with some help from lady_foxchase.

The first thing we noticed was there was much more of a street presence this day. While searching for coffee we ran into thatliardiego and Beer_Pam again. Then saphyne made a brief appearance. I returned to the shady picnic table to enjoy my coffee when I got the signal from Mark that Lars was at the booth … and I spilled most of my coffee running there. After a long hug and a short conversation I finally paid attention to the fact there were other people in the booth and SURPRISEsnipeyhead. Holy Crap!

I monopolized Snipe the rest of the day. Sorry. Well, not really ... I had a delightful afternoon being naughty with her. In case you haven't already heard, there was some alcohol consumed. In fact, I think it is safe to say that I was DRUNK. The seldom seen "Drunk & Social Am" (shut up Tammy) highly amused a Dragon. Thank you cin_d_md42 for the water, grapes and cheese. You take such good care of me.

While camping out in the pub I met (or in some cases re-met) or ran into many people including firebow, rhicat, kilkainnan, mandrakan, morigian, netsearcher, and the most handsome & kilted (and regimental) bkilted, who is absolutely *adorable* when he blushes. Several of the MDRF invaders stopped by to visit as well. We decided to cut out a little early again, in hopes that I could catch the earlier train back to DC. Fortunately I got to see Lars again before we departed and got more hugs. I miss that man.

After a quick stop at the hotel to shower and pack we headed back to Tiffany's for a quick dinner. We were joined by one of Colleen's local friends. I ate the largest steak EVER. Mark and Tammy deposited me at the train station in time to catch the earlier train. I emailed until my seat partner departed at PA and then I stretched out to rest for the remainder of the ride.

And there you have ... my weekend at Tux.

(You won't believe what they said ... | You have something to say?)


[User Picture]
Date:August 9th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)
Glad you did leave it out, as the only way I'm getting a chance to experience Tux seems to be through others' trips, and seeing even the bits you shared as someone who *didn't* know the faire before but knows faires was good.

Sigh... of course, now you've also got me wishing I could get up there...

Hope to see you at MDRF soon!
[User Picture]
Date:August 9th, 2006 02:23 pm (UTC)
a. I was not drunk when the initial comment was made - that was said after only the first double-beesting. It was the third that pushed me over the edge and that occurred around... ummm... 3pm-ish.

b. I knew that hitting myself with the mug would both amuse you and keep you from doing it yourself. Trust me, it did hurt, but much less than if I'd have allowed you to do it. I'm crazy, but not stupid. [grin]

c. "Surf's Up, Dude!" Choosing a beer because there was a "cute guy" on the tap handle. Who'da thought that a gimmick like that would actually sell beer.

d. Highly amused? My sides hurt from laughing. I think I blushed more for the poor guy than he did himself. Granted, I heard the hushed comments and he didn't. Heh.

I'm into lists lately. I dunno why. Deal.
[User Picture]
Date:August 9th, 2006 03:51 pm (UTC)
" The seldom seen "Drunk & Social Am" (shut up Tammy)"

Can I interest you in a rock? :-P
[User Picture]
Date:August 9th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
I need more than one.
[User Picture]
Date:August 9th, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)
HHMM, maybe a bad idea - we did, after all, have to check you for anything that could be used as a weapon before you were allowed to leave the room :-P
Date:August 9th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
makes me wish i could have gone. alas, you'll just have to deal with me around mdrf. glad to hear y'all had such a good time tho. hostage

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